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ARCHIVED CONTENT: Welcome to the (old) K-12 Online Conference Wiki!

Over the course of the past three years since 2006, as the K-12 Online Conference has evolved we've created a lot of wikis! In 2009 we have created this wiki to serve as a central wiki for the conference, and we hope to "map" the wiki to our domain name so it will be accessible from the address "" Our existing public wikis for the K-12 Online Conference include the following:

Wikis used from year-to-year:

  1. - (Our Google Site mapped to
  2. Our Helpdesk wiki, updated for 2008 (to be mapped to
  3. Our Professional Development / Credit wiki, (updated for 2008 to be mapped to - The PD tracker database from 2007 is still available also.

Wikis from 2008:

  1. This wiki (now deprecated - content for 2009 needs to be built / moved to
  2. K12Online08 Central wiki
  3. K12Online08 Presenters wiki (private until the conference began, then made public with details about each presenter)
  4. K12Online08 "When Night Falls" wiki
  5. K12Online08 Helpdesk Committee wiki (not the public helpdesk wiki, this was used by committee members to plan and organize)

Wikis from 2007:

  1. K12Online07 Central wiki
  2. K12Online07 Presenter's wiki
  3. K12Online PR wiki (not created with 2007 in the title, so this could be reused again if desired)
  4. K12Online07 When Night Falls" wiki (created as which is not specific to WNF, but that is what this wiki was used for up to this point.)

Wikis from 2006:

  1. K12Online06 Takeaway wiki