2008 K-12 Online Conference About Page

(This is an archived version of the K-12 Online Conference "About" page from 2008.)

This is a conference by educators for educators around the world interested in integrating emerging technologies into classroom practice. A goal of the conference is to help educators make sense of and meet the needs of a continually changing learning landscape.
The conference is a total volunteer effort and is envisioned, planned and implemented by 4 co-conveners and a small group of subcommittees.

  • Darren Kuropatwa is currently Department Head of Mathematics at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is known internationally for his ability to weave the use of online social tools meaningfully and concretely into his pedagogical practice and for “child safe” blogging practices. He has more than 20 years experience in both formal and informal education and 13 years experience in team building and leadership training. Darren has been facilitating workshops for educators in groups of 4 to 300 for the last 10 years. Darren’s professional blog is called A Difference (__http://adifference.blogspot.com__).
  • Sheryl Nusbaum-Beach, a 20-year educator, has been a classroom teacher, charter school principal, district administrator, and digital learning consultant. She currently serves as an adjunct faculty member teaching graduate and undergraduate preservice teachers at The College of William and Mary (Virginia, USA), where she is also completing her doctorate in educational planning, policy and leadership. In addition, Sheryl is co-leading a statewide 21st Century Skills initiative in the state of Alabama, funded by a major grant from the Microsoft Partners in Learning program. Sheryl blogs at (__http://21stcenturylearning.typepad.com/blog/__).
  • Wesley Fryer is an educator, author, digital storyteller and change agent. With respect to school change, he describes himself as a “catalyst for creative educational engagement.” His blog, “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” was selected as the 2006 “Best Learning Theory Blog” by eSchoolnews and Discovery Education. He served as the Director of Education Advocacy (PK-20) for AT&T in the state of Oklahoma from 2006-2008, and currently serves as the Director of Technology and Education Outreach for the non-profit Oklahoma Heritage Association and Gaylord-Pickens Museum. Wes blogs at (__www.speedofcreativity.org__).
  • Dean Shareski is a Digital Learning Consultant for __Prairie South School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada__, and an advocate for the use of social media in the classroom. To that end he works with teachers and students in exploring ways to make learning relevant, authentic and engaging. He also is a part time sessional lecturer for the __University of Regina__. He is celebrating his 20th year as an educator. Dean blogs at __http://ideasandthoughts.org__.
  1. Help Desk Committee
    1. Convener- Darren Kuropatwa
    2. Chair- Sue Lister (__www.newmediaworkshops.com/listerportfolio/__)
    3. Member- Patricia Donaghy (__http://pdonaghy.edublogs.org__)
    4. Member- John Evans (__http://nlcommunities.com/communities/joevans/__)
    5. Member- Lee Kolbert (__http://macmomma.blogspot.com/__)
    6. Member- Kathy Gryta
  2. Public Relations Committee
    1. Convener- Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
    2. Co-Chairs-
      Edwin Wargo
      Elizabeth Helfant
      Lisa Parisi
      Barbara Bray
  3. Professional Development Committee
    1. Convener- Wesley Fryer
    2. Chair- Stephanie Sandifer
    3. Member- Jim Lerman (__http://tinyurl.com/l5xst__ and __http://tinyurl.com/zp4ee__)
    4. Member- Cindy Lane (__http://www.login2lane.blogspot.com/__)
    5. Member- Derek Baird (__http://www.debaird.net/__)
    6. Member- Dennis Richards
  4. Live Events Committee
    1. Convener- Dean Shareski
    2. Chair- Laura Deisley (__http://thenetwork.typepad.com____/architectureofideas__)
    3. Member-Chris Betcher (__http://betch.edublogs.org/__)
    4. Member-Robin Ellis (__http://connectedtalk.wordpress.com/__)
    5. Member-Naomi Williams
    6. Member-Christine Voight
  5. Accessibility Committee
    1. Convener- Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
    2. Chair-
    3. Member- Elaine Tobin
    4. Member- Jennifer Kraft
    5. Member- Brian Wojcik
    6. Member- Kaj Rietberg
    7. Member- Vinnie Vrotny
  6. NotK12Online Committee
    1. Chair-Bud Hunt (__http://budtheteacher.com__)
    2. Member-Marcie Hull
    3. Member-Bill Bass
    4. Member- Jackie Ballirini